Mama Mucci’s Pasta   7676 Ronda Dr., Canton, MI 48187   Phone: (734) 453-4555

Signature Frozen Pasta


  • Artisan techniques combine Old World Recipes with New World Technology to produce our superior frozen filled pasta.
  • We begin with only the finest semolina and the freshest eggs; we then knead the dough through a series of rollers to create a thin continuous sheet of pasta to wrap gently around our delicious fillings.
  • Our fillings are prepared fresh in our kitchen using only the finest imported cheeses, choice beef, premium veal, chicken, fresh vegetables, and herbs.
  • Freshly prepared sauces and stocks are prepared in our kitchen to further enhance the flavor of our fillings.
  • When you cut into our ravioli you will find flavorful, chunky fillings not tasteless ground purees.
  • We pre-cook and individually flash freeze our filled pasta to lock in that fresh just made taste.
  • Our obsession to even the smallest detail is what makes our frozen filled pasta a cut above the rest.


Sold By Weight-Approximate Piece Count:

  • Agnolotti Medium 2” Oval (35-37 per lb.)
  • Baci (Mama's Kisses) 1” (38-40 per lb.)
  • Mezza Luna 3.25" Half Moon (20-22 per lb.)
  • Medium 2” Square (24-26 per lb.)
  • Jumbo 3” Square  (10-12 per lb.)
  • Jumbo 3.75” Oval (10-12 per lb.)
  • Retangoli Jumbo 3” Rectangle (20-22 per lb.)
  • Tortellini (80-82 per lb.)
  • Tortelloni Large (42-45 per lb.)
  • Tortellacci (12-14 per lb.)
  • Gnocchi (Dumplings) (48-50 per lb.)
  • Stuffed Gnocchi (30-32 per lb.)

*NOTE:  Sold by Weight, Piece Count Subject to Change